Our Passion

Social Justice, human rights, prison reform

WWNG Up, Inc. is known regionally as a passionate, and compassionate activist collective that helps the incarcerated and their families.  For over 20 years, WWNG Up, Inc. has worked tirelessly advocating and effectively lobbying for change in the criminal justice system.  WWNG Up, Inc. is frequently called upon to give testimony on particular issues and legislation by State and National organizations, committees of the New Jersey Legislature, the New Jersey Department of Corrections and the New Jersey State Parole to name just a few. WWNG Up, Inc. has countless years of experience working with both grass roots and grass top organizations throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.  Among her areas of expertise are sentencing reform, prison health care, treatment of prisoners, parole issues, family reunification, housing and support for families.  Our heart lies in giving voice to the voiceless and working with staff to improve prison conditions.  WWNG Up, Inc. brings a unique perspective that combines the personal and the professional.  Human Rights, Social Justice & Social Justice Issues