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Walif Smith Needs Our Help!

Walif Smith is Innocent

In September of 1990 a woman was murdered.  Three years after the incident the madness began; out of nowhere the police arrested Walif for the woman’s murder.  The main witness has given written affidavits and taken a polygraph that his original testimonies were false.  That leaves zero evidence against Walif, no witness, no physical evidence, no DNA, no motive, in fact nothing tying him to the crime.  Yet, Walif is currently serving a 30-year to life sentence for a crime he did not commit.  

Walif was age 14 at this time a young man, living a normal life.  One fall day a woman was murdered and this is when Walif’s journey began.  Everyone in the neighborhood went to see what was going on and was wandering what had happened down the street and the police told everyone someone had been murdered.  The police questioned everybody in the neighborhood and no one knew anything.  Six months later we moved out of the neigorborhood to another town and never heard anything again.   

March 1991, the gun that was used in the murder was found in North Carolina.  The gun was used in another murder in North Carolina by an older man who lived in the same neighborhood as we did during the time of the incident.  There was no evidence placing Walif at the crime scene nor did he know the person with the gun in North Carolina.

All the evidences in Walif’s case were not presented during his trial.  He was found guilty and was sentence to 30 years to life at the age of 17 for a crime he did not commit.  He was waived up as an adult and the judge was not sure if she could give him 30 years or life, so she gave him life.  

Today, Walif has been incarcerated for 25 years now and does not know if he will ever come home because his current maximum release date reads “N/A”.  Today, we have new evidences in Walif’s case and the main witness have recant saying that he made false statements to get a reduce sentence.

Walif was convicted by a jury on November 9, 1994 for Felony Murder by a jury base on circumstance evidences alone.  

Walif has been a model prisoner and has assisted other prisoners while being incarcerated.  He believes in serving others first and has future his education while in prison.

Walif’s is innocent and his case should be re-opened.  

We need your support to help free Walif.

Mary Baker (732) 207-1902

LaToya Wali (973) 932-7504

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