WWNG Board Of Directors

Belinda Daughtry, Founder ~ Faith Anjel’ LLC, Fashion and Manufacturing Company

Social Justice, human rights

Belinda Daughtry    Founder of Faith Anjel’ LLC a Fashion and Manufacturing Company. Belinda has built long lasting relationships and a solid reputation in the entertainment, political, and business industries. Also an active board member of the (BOC) Boxers Organizing Committee. This diverse background includes Public/Motivational Speaker, Panelist, Lobbyist and Minister.
Hillary For American Campaign Fundraiser: Formerly a campaign fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. Successfully raised thousands for Hillary Clinton New York campaign in association with celebrity Star Jones and BET CEO Debra Lee and Leah Daughtry CEO of DNC Convention 2016.
Prison Reform Lobbyist: Board Member of: Women Who Never Give Up Successfully lobbied U.S. Senate and Congress on Capitol Hill for legislation in prison reform on Mandatory Sentencing 2009 and 2008. President Obama signed new legislation 2010. Work with families of the incarcerated both present and former with resources to state agencies, legislatures, education and training.
Former President of MPM Media Group a Division of MarketPlace Music.  Belinda presently represents Boxing Hall of Fame and former World Light Heavyweight Champion, the late Jose Torres. New York Times bestselling author of “Sting like a Bee”, the Muhammad Ali story and “Fire and Fear” Mike Tyson’s story. Jose Torres has written his own autobiography “The Will to Win” with anticipation of the film "Champion" to follow.  Presidential Inauguration; Congressional Youth Leadership Conference 2009 Worked Special Operations for Inaugural Scholars, Keynote speakers were: General Colin L. Powell, former Secretary of State. Al Gore, Former Vice President of the United States and Nobel Prize Winner. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Human Rights Activist.   Chair of Hudson County Vicinage Advisory Committee on Minority Concerns 2007 to 2009 The Vicinage Advisory Committee limits its scope to issues over which the Supreme Court and/or the Assignment Judge has administrative control. Its inquiry and implementation efforts are targeted towards the historically disadvantaged racial and ethnic minority groups - African Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Latinos and Native Americans. 

Presiding Chair over four Sub-Comittees


Sub-Committee on Criminal Justice Sub-Committee on Juvenile Justice Sub-Committee on Minority Access to the Courts Sub-Committee on Minority Participation  Recognized and honored for her outstanding civic contributions to 9/11 by the states of New Jersey and New York with Proclamations from Governor Jim McGreevy and Mayor Bloomberg in 2004.  Mentored by Rev Dr. Herbert Daughtry, Dr. Karen Daughtry and Leah Daughtry CEO of the Democratic National Convention. and by Rev.Willie Barrow she was co-founder of Operation Push.

Shana E. Herman, President & Founder ~ D.E.A.P.E. and Community Leader

Social justice, human rights

Shana E. Herman is a Social Worker, Teacher, and Coach whose unwavering sense of ambition and compassion have earned her the reputation as a community leader and advocate of change across Queens, New York. Throughout the past decade, she has cultivated extensive experience within the Drug Counseling and Prevention space.

Currently, Shana serves as the President and Founder of D.E.A.P.E., an emerging drug education nonprofit organization that is on a mission to put an end to unjust mass incarceration and the staggering opiate epidemic. With dedicated drug education counselors and social workers, her initiative strives to improve the DARE program and replace harsh law enforcement. To Shana, education is the answer, not punishment. Growing up in the midst of drug addiction and later becoming incarcerated herself, she possesses the first-hand experience necessary to eradicate this ever-pervasive drug war once and for all.

Shana E. Herman holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Social Work from Rutgers University.